Flooding Update

Further to the flooding of the Playbox garden we will be opening at 10am Monday 20th Jan.

Final opening information will be texted to parents on Sunday afternoon using the Playbox emergency phone number 07514038009. Texts to this number will be answered over the weekend, and first thing on Monday morning.

We plan to open at 10am on Monday morning. By which time we will have two porta loos near the sheds and Caddy at the back of the hall. The Playbox garden and entrance will not be used to avoid contamination. The exit nearest the sheds will be used for parents and children, and for toilet runs. The sliding doors at this end of the hall will be closed to children (unless on toilet run) and an adult will be stationed between them and the outside door AT ALL TIMES to ensure safety. Children will be taken to use the loos with 1to1 adult supervision. A screened off “potty” area will be set up within the centre for those children who are not happy with the porta loos. We also have the church toilets as an additional back up facility.

If these plans work well then we hope to open as normal for the rest of next week.

from the Playbox team

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