Playbox Reopening

We are pleased to advise that Playbox will re-open at 9.30 on Monday 24th February.

If you have been flooded or displaced by the floods we would love to know so that we can keep in touch and to see if there is any way that Playbox or St John’s Egham can help.

We are aware that some phone lines are out of order in the area, if this is the case or if you have been displaced please can you update your current contact details with us.

In order to protect the health and safety of the children following the flooding  we are implementing the following measures:

  • The portaloos will be retained until the water levels have reduced enough for us to use the centre’s toilets reliably.
  • The back exit nearest the sheds will be used as the only entrance and exit.  Extra staff will be on duty to ensure safety when opening the door. The path leading to this door and the concrete area in front of the sheds will be cleaned over the weekend. Please do not touch or walk on flower beds or anywhere in the garden because these areas have been under flood water a lot over the past few weeks  and are probably contaminated.
  • As  far as we are aware the tap water is safe to drink but we are taking extra precautions and will therefore use bottled water for drinking and  will avoid using food that needs washing.  Antibacterial wipes and gel will be used for cleaning hands.
  • The floor will be cleaned with disinfectant before Playbox opens  and  after anyone other than Playbox has used the centre, in addition to normal cleaning routines.  In order to reduce contamination being carried in from the roads and pavements staff and children should bring in indoor footwear to change into. Please ensure that your child’s shoes and boots are named. We ask parents not to bring pushchairs into the building.

We are also aiming to fence off part of the car park to provide a clean outdoor play area. This may not be in place on Monday. This may reduce parking availability.

You can contact us at or on the emergency phone number 07514038009 (please use texts if possible). Staff will be available to answer the Playbox phone 01784 435479 from 8.30 on Monday morning.

Sarah and Sian and the Playbox Team

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