Playbox Nursery – temporary premises

We are pleased to announce the re-development of the church community centre used by Playbox nursery. The existing church centre will be demolished in 2015 and replaced with an architect designed building. There will be purpose built facilities for Playbox nursery. Further details of the project can be found on the St.John’s Church website at The expected completion date is Summer 2016.

This is good news for Playbox nursery. However, there will be some disruption as we will need to vacate the current premises by January 2015 and re-locate to temporary premises. Currently, we are looking at several premises in the Pooley Green area. We will remain in the current church centre premises for this autumn term and re-locate to the temporary premises for the start of spring term 2015.

We appreciate this may cause some concern to current and prospective parents. We will work hard to minimize disruption, maintain the character and strengths of Playbox nursery and we will provide parents with accurate information.

Please do speak with a member of staff if you wish in order to help you make the decision regarding a nursery place for your child.

As soon as we have confirmed the location of the new (temporary) premises we will publicise that information.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We hope to see you and your child next term.

Huw Evans

(Chair – Playbox Management Committee)

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